Remedial Massage for Better Posture

Remedial Massage for Better Posture

A good posture makes for a great first impression. However, a good posture is not just sitting up straighter every time you notice yourself stooping or correcting your posture every once in a while. In order to hold yourself in an ideal position all day long, you need to pay attention to the strength of your muscles and other supportive tissues. Thus, taking good care of your muscles by working out, stretching, and getting the right Massage and spa Dubai to suit your needs is important.

Symptoms Caused By Poor Posture

Other than the debilitating effect that a poor posture can have on your image, it can also cause physical ailments. Poor posture can result in misalignments that can lead to discomfort, pain as well as limitations in the range of movement. This is also very likely to make you susceptible to injury if and when you do participate in sports or other activities. In case you fall down or have an accident, the injury can be aggravated because of your poor posture.

Habits You Need To Stop

Our bodies are designed to move, hence standing or sitting in a single position is not recommended. Especially since the advent of the pandemic, when most people started working from their homes, the need for a little movement that was required of them such as walking to their desk, taking coffee breaks, or even traveling to their workplace vanished. This resulted in most people adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

When you sit or stand in one place for hours together, your posture is likely to be uneven. For example, when you walk it is a very symmetrical action but in the case of sitting or standing for long hours, you are likely to lean towards one side, support your leg with another leg or cross your legs. Although seemingly harmless, such habits can cause colossal problems and result in discomfort or even injury.

The Benefit of Remedial Massages

One massage that can help you in regaining a good posture is a remedial massage. This massage helps in reducing the tightness of the muscles and addressing muscle groups that require some form of strengthening. However, you can only reap the benefits of this massage if you practice the stretching exercises as well as the strength exercises that are suggested by the massage therapist after the massage. In order to make the most out of your remedial massage, becoming aware of the needs of your body and certain imbalances that might exist is important for creating any kind of long-lasting change.


If you are suffering from any discomfort or injury or simply have a bad posture then you should consider incorporating more movement in your daily routine, and you can book a massage appointment with Elis Spa.

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